Adequate is not Enough


Your current presentation style may do the job well. But how about take one step forward to help you generate new business opportunities and develop a competitive advantage in the market?

Templates and Slides Remake

We treat every custom template design request as special and cherish the opportunity. Besides getting the job done, we would also like to build a long term relationship with clients.

  • Use our expertise and best judgment to improve your current template
  • Redesign slide master layouts to ensure clean format and standardized theme
  • Format charts, tables and diagrams and make them all consistent through the file
  • Convert traditional bullet-point slides to more appealing and informational layouts
  • Global change photos with high resolution stock photos, no more blurry images to ruin the slideshow
  • Enrich the slides with animations and transitions
  • Retrace logos and maps

Enhance Your Brand

Maintain your corporate identity while working on the job is our top priority. We are more than welcome to study your branding guideline for a better understanding about your visual preference.

Attention to Detail

We put a lot of effort into formatting and proofreading our works, as we believe even the most commonly missed small things are bad for business.

  • Content is the key so we always proceed with caution on wordings. Besides spell check, we also look into the consistency of abbreviations and units of measure
  • Standardize style of data charts. You won't see inconsistent font size, weird positioned axis titles and labels
  • Take extra care when formatting diagrams with perfectly aligned connectors
  • Specialized in formatting financial tables and timelines
  • Passion to fine-tune complex maps with lots of labels and make them easier for the eyes

If you would like to request our assistance, please contact us for a quote or ask for more information. We'd also love to hear your comments at