We Do the Painstaking Work


You have the template, styles and contents but not enough manpower? We can help you to shape up the presentation and proofread the whole deck.

Basic Workflow

  • Process your markups with strong word recognition skills and graphic sense
  • Reformat slide master layouts and make them all consistent through the entire presentation
  • Maintain consistency through the presentations including text case, numbering, abbreviation and spacing
  • Adjust or recreate data graphs, diagrams, maps and tables where applicable
  • Enrich slides with text effects, animations and media files playback

Fast Turnaround Time

According to your requirements, we can tailor made a formatting job plan best fit your timeframe and get things done on time. We can also prioritize the job based on client request and provide support over the weekend. All you have to do is contact us to reserve a timeslot.

Compliance and Confidentiality

We treats all client presentations and respective data strictly confidential

  • Clients are welcome to forward their company guidelines for outsource consultations so that these can be considered for any project engagement
  • We will not disclose any privileged or confidential information as well as clients and their project partners’ identities
  • All markups will be shredded for each turnaround to ensure highest level of confidentiality
  • In order to avoid the risk of exposing details of your potential clients. We can assist you by assigning a project codename to replace client's name through the entire presentation, and you can simply revert by making a global change when the job is done

If you would like to request our assistance, please contact us for a quote or ask for more information. We'd also love to hear your comments at comments@powerpointteam.com.