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We can bring your presentation to a whole new level by studying your content, then redesign the slides using different diagrams and graphics.

Customizable Service

No matter you have an urgent deadline to catch or having a longer lead time and looking for a complete remake of your presentation, we can always provide a tailor made plan to meet your expectation. Our top priority is not just getting things done, but putting all the efforts in our work and keep sharpen our skills.

Professional Skills

A professional presentation is an art that involves a lot of skills and experience, e.g., graphic sense, typography knowledge, formatting skill, image sourcing technique, and the most important thing is the ability to transform boring slides into something more effective and visual appealing, but not overdoing it.

Besides high standard of visual quality, we also maintain a strong client relationship by processing markups and instructions accurately. From basic diagram to complex chart creation, we assure that your ideas and comments will be processed just the way you want.

Bottom line: if we have doubts, we will contact you right away. If your hands are tied and no time to discuss, we will provide more options to minimize revision and save your time.

Express Delivery

It doesn’t mean anything at all even a stunning presentation but missed a deadline. With our extensive training and working experience in iBanks and legal firms, we know better that finish your request on time is the most crucial thing. In order to archive that goal, our job coordinator will study your request and estimate turnaround time carefully, and then assign enough manpower to process your job.

By choosing our service you won’t receive an email in the middle of the night saying “Sorry, we have to extent our delivery time due to heavy workload”.